Our Current Roasts

We roast in-house so our coffee is always fresh!


Stop by and try our latest roasts. Roast dates are always right on the bag, so you know what you're getting. Our passion for coffee starts at square one with bags of raw green beans from around the world, and these are turned into the fresh and flavorful coffee you get in our cafe everyday!

  • Rosebud - Atlas blend

    Brazil - Various plantations.
    Washed & Natural blend Medium/Dark Roast 11/13
    Milk Chocolate, honey roasted peanut, berry, mild citrus, brown sugar, medium body, soft acidity.
  • Estate Classic

    Campos das Vertentes, Santo Antonio, Brazil
    Sun dried natural, Yellow Bourbon, GP Medium Roast 01/17
    Dark Chocolate, lemon peel and peanunt, present acidity and medium/soft body.
  • La Paz Microlot

    La Paz, Marcola, Honduras
    Washed - Raised Bed - FT OR Dark Roast 01/17
    Roasted plum, cherry, raisin, vanilla, berry acidity, and a full satiny body.
  • Yirgacheffe

    Doko Chere, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    Washed - Wet Mill - Typica - GR.1 Light Roast 01/09
    Plum & Raisin sweetness, jasmine green tea, pleasant zest, plum acidity and a distinct medium body.